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Why I’m an Antifeminist

If you haven’t already, please read my previous entries: Feminism and Antifeminism (in that order), as they provide the necessary context for this post.

This whole “antifeminism” thing can be confusing, as someone who opposes gender-feminism, but not equity-feminism would, technically, be an “antifeminist” even if they don’t identify as such. It leaves a lot of wiggle room and doesn’t tell you a whole lot about what the person actually believes. So to make my position clear: I believe that women, as a class, are no longer disadvantaged relative to men, as a class…in most western post-industrial nations. As such, I oppose “first-world feminism”, but not “third-world feminism”. In fact, I’m very pro-feminist when it comes to countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc.

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